Why train?

Common excuses for not training a dog

  1. Dogs too young - You can't start early enough

  2. I've bought a piece of equipment to sort the problem out - Its really not that simple

  3. Dogs stubborn - Possibly unmotivated

  4. Certain breeds won't/ can't be trained -  Just nonsense

  5. Dog doesn't listen - Dog does not understand what you want

  6. Don't have the time - You need to understand your dog, make time                                                                        

  7. Dog doesn't need training - All dogs need training   

  8. Seen it on TV, so I know what I'm doing - TV entertains, not educates

  9. Why bother, can't see the point - Take a look at a well trained dog for the answer

  10. Dog too old - Dogs are always learning, because they have to