About me

Full member of the 
Association of Pet Dog Trainers 
(MAPDT1155) abiding by their code of practice and
Four years of annual assessment 
and certification achieving both a first and second with the 
British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers 

We run dog training classes weekly in 
Mansfield and Nottingham 

I've run puppy parties at a local 
veterinary practice & have done Q&A's at 
local pets at home stores
Previously instructed at 
Nottinghams longest 
established dog training club

Our family has always lived with dogs,  
Gsds, Dachsunds and 
Mixed breed rescues.

Currently two Std Schnauzers 
and two mini Schnauzers 
allow us (!) to live with them 

My view of dog training has changed 
over the years
I have experienced first hand 
the results of trainers with "loads of experience" 
but little or low quality knowledge 
and the dogs paid a high price for it. 
Experience is good, 
but without up to date, relevant 
and respected education 
it is nothing more than trial and error

My main interest is 
helping owners understand their dogs 
behavioural problems particularly dog - dog aggression

I regularly attend seminars/lectures including:

Sarah Whitehead. Sex, Lies and Videotape
APBC conference 2018
WOOF 2013/ 3 day conference, speakers including;
Susan Friedman,Grisha Stewart, Chirag Patel, Daniel Mills
APBC conference 2019
Two day seminar  'Dog on Dog Aggression' with Kim Moeller, Reactive Rover Classes  
Sarah Whitehead masterclass Separation Anxiety
Two day lecture John Rogerson on 'Service dogs and Relevant Pet Dog training'.
Sarah Whitehead masterclass Multi dog households
IMDT Separation Issues 2020
Geert de Bolster. Aggression; principles and management.
Ian Dunbar Biting /Aggression. Assessment and Resolution
Sarah Whitehead masterclass Dog/dog play
Roger Abrantes. 2012 the Brave new world of Dog training
Sarah Whitehead masterclass Resource Guarding                              

Dog training, from a dogs point of view