For Puppies, Adolescent or Adult dogs. 
All breeds, Mixed breeds and Rescues

For puppies under 16 weeks
If I had a penny for every time I'm told 
how tricky it can be with a puppy in the house,
especially with young children, 
I'd be a wealthy man.
The earlier you can get information on how to deal with things 
the easier it is to prevent them.
Nipping / biting is the biggest issue many owners have 
and how it is dealt with 
can greatly impact on how your puppy responds to you and/or others ongoing.
So if you need help with this or other puppy behaviour 
including the following;
  • Mouthing/Nipping
  • 'Hyper/Crazy' behaviour
  • Chewing/Barking
  • House training and so many others
then call to arrange a fun 
and informative 
2 hour home visit

BEHAVIOURAL issues for
Adolescent & Adult dogs   
some examples; 

Dog - Dog aggression
Separation issues 
Multi-dog household problems 
Item/Food guarding
Excessive barking
Getting your dogs attention
Loose lead walking
Recall problems
Self control 
and many others.

Your home behavioural appointment will include.

Assessment of behaviour
Explanation/Demonstration and initiation of procedures including training exercises
Follow up notes and phone support / further sessions
Working on techniques in real situations (where appropriate)

A vet check may be necessary 
prior to or following an assessment

Availability / Cost
Unfortunately evenings are taken up with classes.

Appointments can be made
by phone, email or booking page.

Puppy home visit 50.00

Training costs start from 45.00. 

Due to nature of behavioural issues 
please call for costing

If using the booking page please complete one of the forms as well


Does your dog bark, lunge or snap
at other dogs?

If you'd like to understand and resolve this or any kind of issue
and help yourself and your dog cope with their problem
Please contact me for further details