Experienced, Qualified and Friendly. 

APDT fully qualified member                                             

BIPDT certificated (2nd & 1st)                                                         


Simple Changes make 
Huge Differences

Resolving problems,
Learning new skills or
brushing up on old ones with 
class attendance or 121 home training sessions

Are you suffering from PUPPY PANIC?
  • Mouthing/Nipping
  • 'Hyper/Crazy' behaviour
  • Chewing/Barking
  • House training and so many others
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Do you have an issue from the list below?
If you need to be shown 
how to deal with these or other problem behaviours in your teen/adult then
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  • No attention from your dog
  • Separation issues
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Excessive barking
  • Poor or No recall
  • Jumping up
  • 'Pack problems'  
  • Dog - Dog aggression                    

We're here to help train you to train your best friend
without tugging on leads, distracting with treats or pretending to be a dog 
(yes,oddly enough some training methods suggest you should mimic a dog)

For simple, effective methods that include your patience, commitment and consistency
please  Contact Us ask for TiM

Our VIDEOS will give you insight into what we can train dogs to do

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Develop a trusting relationship with your dog. 
Don't wait, Start soon, Start now.


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